Arguments in Java | Parameters in Java

In this article we learn the what is arguments in java, what is a command line arguments in Java and parameters in java.

What is Arguments in Java?

1. An argument in java is the value passed to the variables defined in the function when the function is called. Whenever the function is called during the execution of the program, arguments are passed to the function.

2. An argument when passed with a function, it takes the place of those variables which are used during the function definition and the function is executed with these values.

What is Command Line Arguments in Java?

A command-line argument is an argument that is passed along with the run command of the program. The argument passed from the console is received by the java program as input and can be used in the program.

What is parameters in Java?

1. A parameter is a variable that is used to define a particular value in the method declaration. The parameters act as variables inside the method.

2. Parameters are specified in the method name inside the parentheses. There can be one or more parameters separated with a comma.

3. Each parameter has two parts – data type and the variable name. The data type followed by the variable name defines the type of value that can be passed to the method when it is called. It is also called as a formal parameter.

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