How to Install Selenium, Eclipse and Chrome Driver

In this article we learn the how to install selenium, how to get webdriver files in eclipse and how to install chrome driver.

How to Install Selenium?

Step 1: Open google and search official website of selenium.

Step 2: After opening official website click on selenium web driver.

Step 3: Click on latest version and download.

Step 4: Copy this file and paste on other drive.

Browser Supported in Selenium

1. Firefox

2. Internet Explorer

3. Safari

4. Opera

5. Chrome

6. Edge

Operating Systems Supported in Selenium

1. Microsoft Windows

2. Mac os

3. Linux

4. Source Code

How to get webdriver files in eclipse (Installation of Eclipse)

Step 1: Open google and search official website of eclipse.

Step 2: Click on download eclipse and install eclipse.

Step 3: After completing installation open eclipse.

Step 4: Create new java project.

Step 5: Create a Package.

Step 6: Create a Class.

Step 7: Right click on package and go to “Build Path”.

Step 8: Configure build path and click on “we get pop up window”.

Step 9: Properties for (project name) comes on screen.

Step 10: Go into the libraries and just click on “Classpath”.

Step 11: Click on “add external jars” and then new window of “Jar selection” comes.

Step 12: Select the “Selenium WebDriver” downloaded file and select ok.

Installation of Chrome Driver

Step 1: Before installation of chrome driver please check our machine chrome version.

Step 2: Go on google and search for selenium.

Step 3: Go to download section and scroll down.

Step 4: In Browsers section go to chrome documentation.

Step 5: Click on latest version of chrome driver

Step 6: According to specification choose the option for example click on windows 32.

Step 7: After completion of download extract that zip file.

Step 8: If you want to copy the path so go on that particular folder simple one click press shift and do right click and copy as path.

Step 9: If you found ” single slash in url then provide ‘\’ double slash to complete url because of this ” we got error in program so resolve it we need to provide ‘\’.

Step 10: Before starting to write code or after creating object of webdriver yo need to import webdriver and chrome property.

Write a first program of selenium to start the “url”

package aStartProgram;

public class FirstSeleniumProgram{

public static void main (String[] args){

System.setProperty (“”, “Path”) ;

//Path: Folder path where we save chrome driver downloaded file.

WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();




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