Top 5 Electric Motorcycles In India

In this article, we discuss the top 5 electric motorcycles in India. Electric motorcycles have come into the spotlight in the Indian automotive industry. All the major companies are planning to bring an electric vehicles in the next two years or so. Meanwhile, a large number of electric motorcycles in India are backed by two-wheeler manufacturers.

Top 5 Electric Motorcycles In India

1. Ultraviolet F77

The TVS-backed Bengaluru-based electric motorcycle company, known as Ultraviolet Automotive, has marked one of the most important electric motorcycles in India since the recent launch of the Ultraviolet F77. What could be considered more of the country’s first electric sports motorcycle, the Ultraviolet F77 is nothing like what we’ve seen before? This can be confirmed by the fact that the bike takes its design signals from the jet.

In terms of performance, the Ultraviolet F77 is powered by a 25 kW BLDC motor that promises 90 Nm of torque output. It claims to travel at a speed of 0-60 km per hour in 9 seconds and limits its speed to only 177 km per hour. Based on this, there are three removable lithium-ion battery packs with a combined capacity of 2.2 kW. With a range of 150km on a single charge, it also offers DC fast-charging capability. Additional features on the motorcycle include over-the-air updates, performance customization, a color TFT screen, Bluetooth connectivity, a bike locator as well as ride analysis.

2. Okinawa electric bike

Okinawa, which is famous for offering electric scooters mostly in India, has now promised to launch electric motorcycles in India. The electric motorcycle is expected to launch in late 2020, but the company has not yet confirmed it. However, it is known that the Okinawa bike is aiming at a distance of 150 km with a top speed of 100 km per hour. Also, the company will be targeting brackets with a price tag of less than Rs 1 lakh and similarly priced models just like Revolt’s subscription-based company to compete with its competitors.

3. Revolt electric motorcycle

Revolt Motors’ launch of its electric motorcycles has revolutionized the Indian automotive industry in more ways than one. The vehicle was not the only one branded as the first fully-electric AI-capable electric motorcycles in India. Rebellion offered them a new model of vehicle ownership based on the subscription model.

The RV300 and RV400 were two electric bike models that were launched in three variants with a starting price of Rs 1.1 lakh. The RV400 is one of the premium of the two, claiming a range of 180 km from its 72V, 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery. The battery powers a 3 kW electric motor that accelerates to 85 km / h.

Meanwhile, the RV300 comes with a 1.5kW electric motor powered by a 60V, 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery. The combination delivers a high range of 65 km per hour and the RV 400, a range of 180 km.

4. Emplux electric bike

Emflux Motors showcases India’s first electric motorcycles in India at Auto Expo 2018 An electric superbike called the Emplux One claims to have a 60 kW AC induction motor with a top speed of 200 km per hour. Powered by high-power cells of Samsung Lithium-Ion Pow 9.7 kWh capacity, the electric bike has offline features to offer. Brembo brakes with dual-channel ABS, single-sided swingarm, Ohlins suspension, artificial intelligence, and fully integrated smart dashboard with others.

It’s not just fast, it’s fast, 0-100 km per hour in -1 second. The electric motor produces b1 bhp of power and N 84 Nm of peak torque, which is electronically limited to 71bhp. In the case of the test, it is claimed to be about 200 km away from the Emflux.

5. Harley Davidson Livewire

It is difficult to know the name of these electric motorcycles in India. LiveWire marks the company’s first deviation from its Hallmark IC engine. On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Harley-Davidson India showcased the country’s electric motorcycles.

Naturally, LiveWire is the fastest product made by Harley Davidson, from 0 to 97km per hour in just 3 seconds, not that we can expect anything less from the company. A 78 kW (or 105 HP) electric motor makes this possible by delivering 116 Nm of torque.

Considering the range, for a livewire in the city from a single vehicle, this bike is said to be up to 235 km. It comes down to 152 km on highways. According to the company, the bike can charge up to 80 percent in just 40 minutes with a Level 3 DC fast charger.

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