What is Web Application Testing & Mobile Application Testing

In this article, we learn what is web application testing and mobile application testing.

What is Mobile Testing?

Mobile Testing is the testing of the actual mobile device and focuses on mobile features like Calls, SMS, Contacts, MediaPlayer, inbuilt browsers, etc.

It is a mobile device feature testing.

Mobile devices are tested in the factories where they were manufactured. Mobile devices are more hardware oriented.

What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile app testing or mobile application testing is the testing of applications on a device which mainly focuses on the functions and features of the application. 

Mobile app testing is a procedure to test mobile applications for usability, functionality, compatibility, etc. 

Mobile applications are more software-oriented (although even they need to be tested on different hardware devices).

Types of mobile applications

  • Native Application
  • Mobile web Application
  • Hybrid Application

Mobile Application Testing vs Web Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing vs Web Application Testing

What is Web Application Testing?

The web application runs within a browser.

This is the application that entirely resides on the server and to access the application, we need a platform i.e. browser.

So if any application runs on the browser can say it’s a web application.  

Taking an example of one of the applications is Facebook which is having pages or modules which run on a browser.

A web application is being used on various devices i.e. mobile, tablet, and desktop with a web browser and internet connectivity.

These applications are developed using popular technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and are utilized through multiple browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Web applications can also be viewed across multiple devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops that provide active internet connections.

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