Top Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

In this article we are discussing the most popularly asked selenium interview questions and answers.

Top Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

Q 1. What is Selenium?

  • Selenium is a portable java script framework that runs in your web browser.
  • Selenium is used for testing web applications.
  • Works anywhere java script is supported.
  • The test can be written as HTML tables or coded in number of popular programming languages like java, python, ruby etc.
  • Selenium is available on windows and linux.

Q 2. Where we used oop’s concept in selenium?

  • In selenium webdriver, In which interfaces and some abstract methods we have in it so there we use oop’s concept in selenium.

Q 3. How will use the class in java?

  • By creating an object of that class we can able to use the class in java.

Q 4. Which Browsers support in selenium?

  1. Firefox
  2. Internet Explorer (IE)
  3. Safari
  4. Opera
  5. Chrome
  6. Microsoft Edge

Q 5. If we want output at console then what will do?

  • If we want output at console then will pass the printing statement for getting output at console.

Q 6. Which will be the another way to fetch url instead of get() method?

  • For getting the url instead of get() method we have navigate().to(“url”) method to fetch the url.

Q 7. What is a difference between quite() and Close() methods?

  • The quite() and close() methods are used to close browser windows.
  • 1. close() is used to close single window.
  • 2. quite() is used to close all windows associated with the browser.

Q 8. What is a difference between get() and navigate().to() method?

  1. get() is used to get particular url and we have wait till page load.
  2. navigate().to() is used to navigate the particular url and does not wait for page load.

Q 9. Can we minimize the window?

  • No we cannot able to minimize the window by selenium code.

Q. 10 When you run the script which massage will shows on?

  • Chrome is automated by testing software.

Q 11. Can we minimize the browser?

  • No we cannot able to minimize the browser by selenium code.

Q 12. How we can check the title for browser?

  • By using getTitle() method we can check the title for browser.

Q 13. What is webpage?

  • Webpage is a collection of web elements like textbox, button, radio button, checkbox, select table elements, object, link, title, text etc.

Q 14. What is live functionality?

  • The element which shows functionality. The functionality will get refresh this is live.

Q 15. What is dead functionality?

  • The element which are not refresh of reload that page then dead.

Q 16. How will create webpage?

  1. To create web page we need to use html.
  2. Every keyword should be close brace with angular brace using forward slash.
  3. To create a component  and element we need to use keyword input.
  4. To create a list box or select table element we need to used select keyword.
  5. To create a link we use keyword a with href hyper reference.
  6. To create a web table we need to use keyword table.

Q 17. Why we use id?

  • The id stored in id attribute of an HTML dom element. It is unique for every element in the page by design.
  • Thus an id can uniquely identify an element.
  • To use this feature, we neeed to call the findelement(By id()) method of webdriver class.

Q 18. Why HTML code is required in selenium?

  • The reason is selenium webdriver identifies the elements which are there on the application using HTML tags of that application. so, as a selenium resources we should know the basic HTML knowledge to identify the element uniquely.

Q 19. What is the difference between linktext and partial linktext?

  • The only difference between linktext and partial linktext is that partial linktext does not look into the exact match of the string value but works on a partial match and linktext look for exact match.

Q 20. How Screenshot will take by selenium webdriver?

  • Selenium will take screenshot of body of the page.
  • It will take screenshot from below the url.
  • It means the desktop/laptop visible screen only that screenshot will taken by selenium webdriver code.

Q 21. Which file we need to import that means which extension?


Q 22. How will set the focus of frames?

By using below methods:

  1. driver.switchTo().frame();
  2. driver.switchTo().defaultContaint();
  3. driver.switchTo().parentFrame();

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