Black Box Testing Techniques

Black Box Testing Techniques

Types of Black Box Testing Techniques 1. Equivalence Partitioning 2. Boundary Value Analysis 3. Decision Table 4. State Transition 5. Error Guessing 6. Graph-Based Testing Methods

1. Equivalence Partitioning It is a black box testing techniques by which data is divided into classes or groups, and with the help of these classes of data, test cases can be made.

2. Boundary Value Analysis This black box testing techniques used to test the data set according to the boundary condition.

3. Decision Table The decision table is a tabular representation of several input values, cases, rules, and test conditions.

4. State Transition State Transition Testing is a black box testing techniques that are used to test the different states of the application.

5. Error Guessing In this black box testing techniques, the tester can use his/her experience with the application behavior and functionalities to guess the error-prone areas.

6. Graph Based Testing Each and every application is a build-up of some objects. All such objects are identified and the graph is prepared.