Functional Testing in Software Testing

Functional Testing in Software Testing

Functional testing is a process of checking the correctness and completeness of the functionality of the build.

Types of Functional Testing 1. Smoke Testing 2. Sanity Testing 3. Integration Testing 4. System Testing 5. Regression Testing 6. User Acceptance Testing

1. Behavioral Coverage In this, we check the property and behavior of the object.

2. I/P Domain Coverage Here we check the input data with different conditions and can use Boundary value analysis and Equivalence class partitioning techniques

3. Error handling coverage Error handling coverage includes checking whether the system shows an error message or not as per the requirement.

4. Back-end coverage In back end coverage developer checks whether the entered information from the user gets stored in the database or not

5. Service Level Coverage In SRS, BA creates a functional flow diagram and accordingly tester test the sequence of functions and modules.