Integration Testing in Software Testing

Integration testing is process to check  correctness and completeness of the flow of functionality whenever integration of a module is performed.

Types of Integration Testing  1. Incremental Integration Testing Approach – Top-Down Integration Testing – Bottom-Up Integration Testing – Sandwich Integration Testing/Hybrid/Bidirectional 2. Non-Incremental Integration Testing Approach – Big bang Integration Testing

1. Big Bang Integration Testing – In this approach, testing is done only after the integration of all modules at once.

2. Bottom-up Integration Testing – Bottom-up Integration Testing is a strategy in which the lower-level modules are tested first means sub-modules are tested first.

3. Top-down Integration Testing – If we have to do the integration testing and we have developed a module but don’t have the next module from which we can check the correctness of the new module.

4. Sandwich Integration Testing/Hybrid Testing/Bidirectional – If it is necessary to use both drivers as well as stub then the approach is called as Sandwich Approach