What is Brake and Types of Brakes

In this article, we learn what is brake, and the types of brakes.

What is Brake?

A brake is a device with the help of which artificial frictional resistance is applied to a moving machine member, in order to stop or retard the motion of a machine.

While performing this function, the brake absorbs either the kinetic energy of the moving member or potential energy given by objects being lowered by cranes, elevators, etc.

The energy absorbed by the brake is dissipated in the form of heat in the surrounding air, so that excessive heating of the brake lining does not take place.

Types of Brakes

Brakes are generally classified according to the method used for transforming the energy by the braking element.

They are grouped as follows:

1. Mechanical brakes  

  • Block brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Band brakes
  • Internal or external shoe brakes

2. Hydraulic brakes

3. Electric brakes

4. Magnetic brakes

Hydraulic, electric, and magnetic brakes are mostly used where large amounts of energy are to be transformed while the brake is retarding the load.

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