What is Cable Glands

Cable Glands

Basically, cable glands are a type of equipment used in combination with wiring and cables for automation systems, such as telecom, data, energy, and lighting. Its primary function is to act as a termination and sealing unit to ensure that electrical signals and equipment are safe. In this article, we will introduce you to the basics of this unit.

Environmental Protection: These units protect the environment by sealing the outer cable sheath, which helps to remove dust and moisture from the instrument or electrical enclosure.

Earth Continuity: It is used in combination with armored cables. This type of cable gland is characterized by metal construction. For this purpose, these products are tested to see if they can withstand the most short-circuit fault currents.

Holding Force: They are used for better holding force to withstand resistance.

Extra Sealing: It acts as an extra sealing when a high level of English protection is required.

Environmental Sealing: Cable glands are used at the entry point of the cable. The idea is to maintain the Congress protection rating by using the accessories applicable for this purpose.

Usually, these are made from metal or nonmetallic materials. Most units are resistant to corrosion. Therefore, each unit undergoes a corrosion resistance test.

If you are using these units in an explosive environment, you can go for glands designed for the type of cable you are going to use.

Basic Features of Cable Glands

Independent Inner Sealing

A good unit has an internal sealing principle that is different from other types of cable glands. The internal sealing ring is set in addition to the armor clamping parts, which helps to eliminate the possibility of over-tightening.

Traditional compression seals do not provide direct control over how they can be used. But this type of internal sealing technique works using a displacement seal, which is controlled independently during installation.

Secure Armour Termination

This finishing solution can help ensure that the armor is permanently crimped. And this creates a low impedance connection that is free to leave itself. The clamping ring allows you to install without any difficulty. In addition you can enjoy great EMC performance and earth continuity.

External Seal

The unique external seal of these glands ensures that it is properly sealed around the cable. The outer seal is strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure under certain conditions.

Deluge Seal

Flood seals can help prevent rust. This is achievable because moisture does not accumulate on the cable gland ring. The O-ring does not cause any mechanical damage. In addition, it is protected from harmful UV rays.

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