What is Regression Testing in Software Testing

In this article we learn what is regression testing in software testing.

What is Regression Testing in Software Testing?

  • Regression testing in software testing is done to verify that the complete system and bug fixes are working fine.
  • This includes in-depth verification of functionality,
  • This mostly spans over 2-3 days.
  • Test cases are generally automated as test cases are required to be executed again and again and running the same test cases again and again manually is a time-consuming and tedious one too.
  • Test cases are re-executed to check the previous functionality of the application is working fine, and the new changes have not produced any bugs.
  • We have 4 environments/servers so we do regression once the code move from 1 server to other to make sure everything works well.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing Example:

Assume login button is not working in a login page and a tester reports a bug stating that the login button is broken. Once the bug fixed by developers, tester tests it to make sure Login Button is working as per the expected result. Simultaneously, tester tests other functionality which is related to the login button.

Types of Regression Testing in Software Testing

  1.     Corrective Regression Testing
  2.     Retest-all Regression Testing
  3.     Selective Regression Testing
  4.     Progressive Regression Testing
  5.     Complete Regression Testing
  6.     Partial Regression Testing
  7.     Unit Regression Testing

Difference between retesting and regression testing

Two terms retesting and regression testing can be confusing. They may sound similar, but they are quite different from each other.

Retesting means “test again” for a specific reason. Retesting occurs when a defect in the source code is fixed, or when a particular test case fails on final execution and needs to be rerun.

Regression testing is performed to see if updates or changes have introduced new defects in existing functionality. This step ensures software integration.

The difference between retesting and regression testing is retesting performed before regression testing. Retesting focuses only on failed test cases. Regression tests are applied to those that pass to check for unexpected new bugs. Another important note is that, in contrast to regression testing, retesting includes error validation.

Additionally, automation is a key feature of regression testing, allowing you to maximize the power of your test cases. Additionally, regression testing eliminates all underlying side effects caused by code changes in the most cost-effective way possible.

Software Regression Testing in Agile

  • In an agile environment, software testing needs to be taken up with each sprint and the quality assurance testers should make sure that new changes do not affect the existing functionality of the software.
  • Moreover, in agile scenarios with iterative changes, there are more frequent build cycles and continuous changes are added to the software. This sort of frequent change makes software regression testing mandatory in agile.
  • Thus, for successful regression testing in agile, the testing team should follow an effective regression testing strategy and build the regression testing suite from the onset of software product development.
  • The QA teams should continue developing the test scripts alongside each development sprints to ensure effective regression testing is achieved.

Smoke Testing vs Regression Testing and Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing

Difference Between Sanity Testing And Regression Testing (Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing)

The main difference in regression and sanity testing is that, if we do regression testing then we don’t need to do sanity testing because in sanity testing we test only important modules. We perform sanity testing if we have less time to test software. this is the main difference in regression and sanity testing.

Difference Between Regression Testing and Smoke Testing (Regression Testing vs Smoke Testing)

The main difference between smoke and regression testing is that we perform regression testing after the completion of smoke testing.

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