What is Robots and Types of Robots

What is Robots?

Robots are multi-functional, re-programmable, automated industrial machines designed to transform humans into dangerous tasks.

Robot can do the following: –

  • An automatic machine sweeper
  • In space
  • A machine removing mines in a war field
  • Automatic car to play with the child
  • In the military.

Components of Robots

1. Power supply

The robot is powered by battery, hydraulic, solar, or pneumatic energy sources.

2. Actuators

Actuators are energy conversion devices used inside robot. The main function of actuators is to convert energy into movement.

3. Electric Motors (DC / AC)

Motors are used to convert electrical energy into its equivalent mechanical energy. Motors are rotated in robot.

4. Sensors

Sensors provide real-time information about the task environment. Robot are equipped with touch sensors that mimic the mechanical properties of human fingerprint touch receptors and use a vision sensor to measure the depth of the atmosphere.

5. Controller

A controller is a part of a robot that combines all the movements of a mechanical system. It also receives input from the immediate environment through various sensors. The heart of the robot controller is a microprocessor connected to an input/output and monitoring device. The command issued by the controller activates the motion control system, which consists of various controllers, actuators, and amplifiers.

Types of Robots

1. Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robot are self-supporting. They use programs that give them the opportunity to make decisions based on the circumstances around them.

Using artificial intelligence, this robot often learns new behaviors. They start with a small routine and adapt it to be more successful in what they are doing. Therefore, the most successful routine will be repeated.

2. Industrial Robots

Industrial robot perform such tasks frequently without moving. These robot are operating in industries that require robots to function properly and slowly.

An industrial robot never gets tired, it will do its work day and night without ever complaining.

3. Mobile Robots

Mobile robot are able to move from one place to another using local motion. It is an automatic machine capable of navigating an arbitrary environment without the need for any physical and electromechanical guidance equipment. There are two types of mobile robots:

(A) Rolling Robot

Rolling robot need wheels to rotate. They can be found easily and quickly. But they are only useful in flat areas.

(B) Walking robot

Robot with legs in rough terrain are commonly used. Most running robots have at least 4 legs.

4. Remote Controlled Robots

A remote control robot is used for complex and undisputed tasks that autonomous robot cannot perform due to the uncertainty of operation.

Complex tasks are best performed by a man with real brain power. So one can guide the robot using the remote. Remote control operations can be used to perform hazardous tasks without having to stay where human tasks are performed.

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