What is Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing

In this article, we learn what is smoke testing and sanity testing in software testing.

What is Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing?

What is Smoke Testing in Software Testing?

  • Smoke testing in software engineering is a normal health check-up to the build of an application before taking it to test in-depth.
  • This testing is conducted to ensure whether the most crucial functions of a program are working,
  • Smoke Testing is directly related to Build Acceptance Testing (BAT).
  • In BAT, we do the same testing to verify if the build has not failed and if the system is working fine or not.
  • Sometimes, it happens that when a build is created, some issues get introduced and when it is delivered, the build doesn’t work for the QA.
  • Smoke Testing is ideally performed by the QA.
  • It is used to test the acute functionality of the software. When the developers deliver a new build to the Quality teams, smoke testing is done.

What is Sanity Testing in Software Testing?

  • Sanity Testing is a test execution done to check existing/previous functionality and its impact but not thoroughly or in-depth.
  • The sanity test should only be done when you are running short of time, so never use this for your regular releases. Theoretically, this testing is a subset of regression testing.
  • Sanity testing is done at random to verify that each function is working as expected.
  • This is to verify whether the requirements are met or not, by checking all the features breadth-first.
  • This is not planned to test and is done only when there’s a time crunch.
  • This mainly includes the verification of business rules and functionality.
  • This mainly spans over 1-2 days max.

Difference between Smoke and Sanity Testing (Smoke vs Sanity Testing)

Difference between Smoke Testing and Sanity Testing

Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing (Smoke vs Sanity vs Regression Testing)

Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing

The main difference between regression and sanity testing is that, if we do regression testing, we don’t need sanity testing because we test only important modules. We perform sanity testing if we have less time to test the software. this is the main difference between regression and sanity testing.

Smoke Test vs Regression Test (Regression Testing vs Smoke Testing)

The main difference between smoke and regression testing is that we perform regression testing after the completion of smoke testing.

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