What is Solar Power System

What is Solar Power System?

  • The energy produced and radiated by the sun or sun’s energy reaches to the earth.
  • This energy is received in the form of radiations and it can be converted directly or indirectly into other forms of energy like heat, electricity, etc.
  • As the sun is expected to radiate at constant rate for a billion of years, it may be considered as an inexhaustible source of energy.
  • Solar energy which falls on the earth is at considerably low density and hence it cannot be used directly for power generation.
  • The energy has to be collected and converted so that it can be used to run prime mover (turbine). The equipment used to collect and concentrate the solar energy is called as concentrating collector.
  • Concentrating collector may be flat plate type or parabolic type.

Power generation from Solar Power System

  • The basic elements of solar power system are exactly similar to thermal power plant except the boiler is replaced by a flat plate solar collector and heat exchanger.
  • Figure shows the general layout of solar energy power system.

Solar Energy Power System

Advantages of Solar Power Plant

  • Fuel is not required for the operation.
  • There are no problems for ash handling, coal transportation, environment pollution etc.
  • Solar energy is available freely and easily.
  • For the operation of plant skilled operator is not required.

Disadvantages of Solar Power Plant

  • Solar energy is dilute and spread out.
  • For collection of solar energy, large collection area is required.
  • Intensity of solar energy is weather dependent.
  • Solar energy is intermittent source because it is not available at night.

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