What is Solar Wind Hybrid Power System

What is Hybrid Power System?

  • We have already discussed that, solar energy is not available at night whereas wind energy is not so strong when sun is shining.
  • To overcome the drawbacks of both these plants, hybrid power system came into picture.
  • Hybrid power system is a combination of wind power and solar power system, hence called as solar wind hybrid power system.
  • These systems are still under development. This system can be located in flat open areas (away from forests and tall buildings) where both solar radiation and wind speeds are easily available in large quantity.
  • Hence, these type of power plants ensure continuous supply of power at remote locations where grid is not available.
  • Figure shows the general layout of solar-wind hybrid power system.

Solar Wind Hybrid Power System

  • During the period of high wind speed (evening time), the wind speed generator generates A.C. power which may be used directly by connecting it to A.C. applications (loads).
  • The extra amount of A.C. power is converted into D.C. with the help of rectifier and stored in the battery.
  • During the period of high solar energy (day time), the solar photovoltaic (PV) system converts the solar radiations directly into D.C. power which is stored in the battery.
  • With the help of inverter D.C. power is converted into A.C. and supplied to various applications like street lighting, water pumping, etc.
  • Battery acts as a storage device which stores the excess amount of power when energy demand by consumer is less than the generated power or supplies excess power when energy demand by the consumer is more than the generated power.

Advantages of Solar Wind Hybrid Power System

  • This type of power plant ensures continuous power supply.
  • It can be used in the remote areas where transmission lines are not readily available.
  • Both the sources i.e. wind and solar are available at no cost.
  • This power system does not create any kind of pollution while power generation.
  • Cost of maintenance and power generation is low.

Disadvantages of Solar Wind Hybrid Power System

  • This type of power plant can he located away from load centre which increases transmission loss and cost.
  • Both the sources are nature dependent.
  • Initial cost and time of plant set-up is very high.

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