What is System Testing in Software Testing

What is System Testing in Software Testing?

  • System testing in software testing is a process of checking the completeness and correctness of the functionality of the system as per SRS and BRS.
  • System Testing (ST) using a black box testing technique is performed to evaluate the complete system against requirements.
  • In System testing, the functionalities of the system are tested from an end-to-end means all features.
  • System Testing is performed by testers.
  • System Testing is black box testing.
  • System Testing is usually a combination of functional and non-functional testing.

Types of System Testing in Software Testing

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Non-Functional Testing

1) Functional Testing

  • Functional system testing is a process of checking the correctness and completeness of the functionality of the build.
  • Functional testing is the process of checking internal functionality depending on external functionality
  • This type deals with the functional requirements or specifications of an application to be tested by providing the input and comparing it with the expected output.
  • A few major types of Functional System Testing are:
  1. Smoke Testing
  2. Sanity Testing
  3. Integration Testing
  4. System Testing
  5. Regression Testing
  6. User Acceptance Testing

2) Non-Functional Testing

  • Apart from the functionalities of the requirements, there are several non-functional requirements also need to be tested to improve the quality and performance of the application.
  • A few major types of Non-Functional System Testing include:
  1. Usability Testing
  2. Load Testing
  3. Performance Testing
  4. Compatibility Testing
  5. Recovery testing
  6. Configuration testing
  7. Installation testing
  8. Globalization testing
  9. Parallel testing
  10. Sanitation testing

System Testing Process:

System Testing in software engineering is performed in the following steps:

  • Create Test Case:

Generate test cases for the testing process.

  • Create Test Data:

Generate the data that is to be tested.

  • Test Environment Setup:

Create a testing environment for better quality testing.

  • Execute Test Case:

After the generation of the test case and the test data, test cases are executed.

  • Defect Reporting:

Defects in the system are detected.

  • Regression Testing:

It is carried out to test the side effects of the testing process.

  • Log Defects:

Defects are fixed in this step.

  • Retest:

If the test is not successful then again the test is performed.

Q 1. System testing is which type of testing? 

Ans: System testing is a type of black box testing and it is performed by the testers.

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