What is Test Case in Software Testing

In this article, we learn what is test case in software testing.

What is Test Case in Software Testing?

Test Case in software testing means how to test the software.

A test case is a document, which has a set of test data, preconditions, expected results, etc, against specific requirements or scenarios.

The test case in software testing is an in-details document that includes all possible inputs such as positive and negative, and the navigation steps. These are implemented during the testing process to check whether the software application is fulfilling all the requirements or not.

The test case is defined as a group of conditions under which a tester determines whether a software application is working as per the customer’s requirements or not.

Test cases can be used in the future at the time of regression testing, and sanity testing.

What how your test case be like or which kind of test case is good to test case?

The test case should cover all functionality.

The test case should be understandable.

The test case should be simple and easy.

We can write test cases in two ways:


Excel sheet

Test case template

The primary purpose of writing a test case is to achieve the quality and complete functionality of the application.

The test case in software testing contains below sections:

  • Header
  • Body

As we know, the actual result is written after the test case execution, and most of the time, it would be the same as the expected result.

But if the test case will fail, then we mark the status as Fail and then log a bug. We can comment on the bug id in the remark column.

The template can be different for some company but, but for testing one application, all the test engineers should follow a usual template, which is 99% like same.

The test case should be written in simple language so that a new test engineer can also understand and execute the same.

Test Cases Header and Body

Test Cases Header

Test Cases Body

In the above sample template, the header contains the following:

TC number or Step number

It is also essential because if step number 20 is failing, we can document the bug report and hence prioritize the bug.


One release can contain many versions of the release. This can be get from the developer.


These are the necessary conditions that need to be satisfied by every test engineer before starting the test execution process. Or it is the data that needs to be created for the testing.

Example: build URL or username or password needed.

Test data

These are the values or the input we need to create as per the per-condition.

For example:

Username-admin, Password-admin1234, and account number-XYZ of the users.

The test lead may be given the test data like username or password to test the application, or the test engineer may generate the username and password.

Difference Between Test Cases and Test Scenarios

Difference Between Test cases and Test Scenarios

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