What is Wind Power System

What is Wind Power System?

  • Wind power system is an indirect form of solar energy, because wind is mainly induced by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun.
  • Winds can be classified as planetary wind and local wind.
  • Planetary winds are caused by greater solar heating of the earth’s surface near the equator; whereas local winds are caused by differential heating of land and water, and also by hills and mountain sides.
  • During the operation, the wind approaching the blades moves the wind null shaft thereby rotating the rotor of generator.
  • In this way, kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy by the wind mill and then converted into electrical energy by using a generator.
  • Figure shows the general layout of wind energy power system.

Wind Power System

Advantages of Wind Power System

  • Wind is available at no cost.
  • It does not cause any kid of pollution while generating power.
  • It is available in many off-shore, on-shore and remote areas which is helpful in supplying the electric power in those areas.
  • It has low maintenance cost and low power generation cost.

Disadvantages of Wind Power System

  • It is favourable in locations which are away from cities.
  • The wind supply is variable, unsteady, intermittent and sometimes dangerous also.
  • The initial cost of plant set-up is high.
  • It has low energy density.

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