Window Air Conditioner System

Window Air Conditioner System

The window air conditioner is defined as the simultaneous control of temperature, humidity (moisture content in air), motion (circulation and air movement), and purity (air filtering and cleaning) of air within an enclosed space.

Air conditioning is widely used in industries, offices, hospitals, commercial places, etc. for human comfort. In these types of air conditioners, evaporating and condensing units are incorporated in a common enclosure.

Here evaporator is connected to the compressor by a suction pipeline and the compressor is connected to the condenser by a delivery pipeline.

During the operation low pressure air is withdrawn from the evaporator through the suction pipeline to the hermetically sealed compressor. In this compressor, the air is compressed to high pressure and delivered to the condenser.

By condensation process, heat is removed from the vapour refrigerant and liquid refrigerant is collected in the lower coils.

This liquid refrigerant passes through the capillary tube and flows to the evaporator coils at low pressure.

This liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator coil boils rapidly and picks up latent enthalpy from the liquid surface.

A blower is fitted in the cabinet behind the evaporator coil which pumps air into the upper compartment. The blower pulls room air through the cooling coil and through the filter provided on the coil face. This air is then discharged back into the room through the upper compartment.

The condenser cooling is done by using a fan that pulls air from the sides and throws air over the condenser coil.

Both the fan and blower are operated by the same motor.

The control panel of the window air conditioner has three knobs:

a) To control the speed of the blower motor i.e. to give high cooling or low cooling.

b) It is of thermostat which is placed at the filter to sense the temperature of the room air being sucked by the blower.

c) It operates a flap in the insulated cabinet to allow ventilation of supplied air.

Why smoking is prohibited in air-conditioned areas?

In the window air conditioner system, the air is circulated again and again after reducing its temperature.

Because of smoking harmful gases are produced which are injurious to the health of human beings. These gases are circulated in the room which may create problems for the respiratory system of human beings.

Also, due to more smoking, the temperature of the air inside the room will be increased which increases the load on the air conditioner or decreases its efficiency of an air conditioner.

Comparison between Window Air Conditioner and Refrigerator

Window air conditioner

It maintains the temperature of the room and controls the humidity.

It is located at the inner and outer side of the room.

Fan and blower are required.

Its weight is comparatively less.

It is not a storage device.


It maintains the temperature of the system below that of surrounding.

It is totally located inside the room.

Fan and blower are not required.

Its weight is more.

It is a storage device.

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