Why AngularJS Is Better Than JavaScript

Why AngularJS Is Better Than JavaScript?

Increases HTML syntax

  • In addition to writing in JavaScript, AngularJS is also distributed as a JavaScript file. It can be embedded directly on a web page via a script tag. Also, it allows developers to express different elements of a web application by extending HTML with three ng-directions – ng-app, ng-model and ng-bind. Web developers can use AngularJS expressions to bind AngularJS data to HTML without writing additional code.

The MVC pattern applies differently

  • Model-view controllers enable developers to facilitate the development of large web applications by keeping their user interface and business logic separate. But AngularJS applies the MVC pattern differently. The AngularJS team calls the explicit implementation of the MVC pattern a model-view-whatever. Model-view-which makes it easy for some architecture programmers to improve the performance and maintenance of complex web applications.

Supports two-way data binding

  • In addition to implementing the MVC architecture differently, AngularJS also supports two-way data binding. This feature helps developers to synchronize data between models and view elements without extra effort. AngularJS automatically updates the front end of the web application every time it changes its backend. Since AngularJS models and views automatically synchronize, developers do not need to implement DOM handling.

Improves server communication

  • Significantly reduces web server load by supporting AngularJS caching. At the same time, the built-in services provided by AngularJS help developers improve client-server communications. The services further make it easier for web developers to work with a variety of backend systems and solutions. Also, developers can take advantage of built-in services so that data can be returned asynchronously without having to write complex code.

Applies client-side form authentication

  • Web developers can combine HTML, CSS, and AngularJS to create different types. AngularJS further helps developers implement client-side form authentication. It monitors the status of the form as well as the individual text fields. It also notifies users about the current status of the form or input field. Developers can easily verify form input using standard HTML5 attributes. AngularJS allows them to write and use custom authentication functions.

Keeps the code maintainable and testable

  • AngularJS helps developers write readable and maintainable code by enhancing HTML syntax. In addition to extending existing HTML tags, developers can use instructions to create custom HTML syntax. At the same time, the framework keeps the code testable by allowing programmers to use the scheme JavaScript objects. Models in AngularJS are also designed as simple JavaScript objects. Therefore, developers can use the framework to write clean, readable, maintainable, and testable code.

Provides built-in dependence injection subsystem

  • Often frontend web developers use dependency injection tools in the most appropriate way to inject dependencies on objects and exchange dependencies seamlessly. AngularJS facilitates dependency injection by providing a built-in dependency injection subsystem. The dependency injection subsystem makes it easy for developers to replace individual components of a web application with testing.

A component of the MEAN stack

  • Many web developers prefer to use AngularJS as a core component of the MEAN stack with MongoDB NoSQL databases, Express.js and Node.js. As a full-stack JavaScript, MEAN enables programmers to write both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript. As more and more enterprises are selecting isomorphic applications, AngularJS is being used extensively by developers as a component of the MEAN stack.

Multiple AngularJS-based frameworks

  • In addition to integrating AngularJS with the widely used JavaScript library, web developers also have the option to get a number of AngularJS-based frameworks – Suave, PrimeNG, QuantumUI, Semantic UI, and UI Bootstrap. The UI components provided by this AngularJS-based framework make it easy for web developers to create custom web-based user interfaces. Also, these frameworks help developers create responsive and cross-browser web user interfaces.

Keeps evolving

  • As mentioned earlier, AngularJS is maintained by the developer community along with Google. Therefore, it is constantly evolving to facilitate and speed up web application development. In November, AngularJS 5 was released with many new features. The latest version of the JavaScript Framework facilitates the development of progressive web applications, removes unnecessary code from applications through the Build Optimizer, and provides a new HttpClient.

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